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Our Hand Held Teethers are a quirky teething toy that will keep your little one engaged for hours.
Super cute, practical and worth a giggle or two! 

Our Chompies are a little ones favourite teething toy. 

Your babe might be at the stage where they want to shove everything they can into their mouths, because toothy pegs are popping through and it’s the best time to give them safe products to chew chew chew!

Not only are our Chompies safe to chew, they are perfect for sensory play and engagement as the back of them feature little bumps and a handy strap hole – we even provide the strap! So no more lost toys being thrown from the stroller.

Grab your baby one of our Nibbly Bits® teething toys and you’ll breeze through those teething blues!

Made from 100% safe, tested and certified food grade silicone that is soft, flexible and durable.

Our products are all non-toxic, water proof, heat resistant and do not support the growth of bacteria.

Simply to clean, just a warm soapy water wash or a non-toxic baby wipe on the go.

Pro Tip: If you pop your Chompie in the fridge/freezer it will give cool relief to your little ones tender gums. 

Three quirky styles in the range:

Litte Miss
Little Dude

Which one will you “chews”?

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